Der Prinz mit der Flöte
FRIDAY 04.05.2018, 18.30 o´clock

The Prince with the Flute

Only the best musicians in the world have had the privilege of performing and composing for Louis XIV. The young Marin Marais successfully established himself at court and the older Jean Baptiste Lully even danced side by side with the King at festivities, he later became the Kings personal composer. Also the virtuosos Jean Philippe Ramerau and Francois Couperin were highly esteemed members of the royal court.

The family concert “The Prince with the Flute” takes its audience on a journey to baroque France and to these exceptional artists. The concert presents chamber music full of adventure and colour. Gracefully charming pieces tell the tale of nightingales and butterflies, of wild storms and of devils, a melancholic icy night and a yearning search – and of dances of purling merriment.

The renowned viola player Hille Perl from Bremen, the flute players Barbara Wiese and Uta Schmidt from Dresden and the cembalo player Michaela Hasselt from Leipzig do not just recite this undogmatic and challenging music but tell a fairy tale and make the music come alive. Barbara Wiese has placed the illustrative pieces in a poetic frame: about a mysterious garden, the love of the prince, his adventures and of course music.

This special repertoire reinforced by its magical stage setting offers children, as well as adults, the opportunity to become immersed in the music – just like the prince himself.

Ensemble “La Foletta”
Barbara Wiese – Recorder, Traverso / Uta Schmidt – Recorder
Hille Perl – Viola / Michaela Hasselt – Cembalo
Idea and concept: Barbara Wiese
Stage setting: Kathleen Schröter