Siroe, König von Persien
FRIDAY, 18.05.2017/19.30 o´clock

Siroe, King of Persia

Opera in three acts by Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)
Semi-staged performance / Libretto: Pietro Metastasio

The Margravial Opera House was grandly inaugurated with a performance of Johann Adolf Hesse’s opera Artaserse and Enzio (reperformed in 1998 by Musica Bayreuth) in 1748. No less a figure than the famous castrato Farinelli sang the leading role of the Artaserse.

Siroe, King of Persia was premiered a few years later, the Libretto for Siroe was written by Pietro Metastasio probably the most famous librettist of his time. Love, rivalry and greed for power- there is no scourge that does not come to light in this baroque opera.

Johann Adolf Hesse was the conductor at the Saxon court for over three decades and main composer for the star soloists of his time such as his wife Faustina Bordoni and the castrato Farinelli and Caffarelli.

Max Emanuel Cencic one of the greatest counter-tenors of the present is the director and the leading man in one. He interprets Siroe as a surreal fairytale, a faraway hardly tangible universe. The young and acclaimed soprano Julia Lezhneva (her rendition of Graun-Arien is nominated for the leaderboard of the “Deutsche Schallplattenkritik) plays Laodice. The baroque ensemble Armonia Atenea plays under the direction of “Echo Klassik” award winner Markellos Chrysikopoulos.

Musical management & Cembalo – Markellos Chrysikopoulos
Siroe: Max Emanuel Cencic
Laodice: Julia Lezhneva
Production: Max Emanuel Cencic
Stage & costumes: Bruno de Lavenère
Light: David Debrinay

Organizer: Musica Bayreuth