Music for a while – Improvisations on Henry Purcell
WEDNESDAY 09.05.2018, 20.00 Uhr

Music for a while – Improvisations on Henry Purcell

L’ Arpeggiata
Christina Pluhar

Purcell (1659-1695) the Orpheus Britannicus succeeded in combining Italian and French influences into an adequate English idiom. With stage effects expressing an array of emotions he was able to create melodies and shapes that influenced centuries.

In Christina Pluhars arrangement of L´Arpeggiata Purcells basslines, texts and melodies remain unchanged and the complete play width of baroque improvisation is utilised. This can be heard in the slightest changes in tact and small alternations in rhythm and harmony. Purcell is timeless, states Christina Pluhar, “the pop-, rock-, jazz-, and filmculture of our day and age is constantly inspired by his musical inventions.”

After performances all over the globe Christina Pluhar is visiting Bayreuth with her ensemble for the first time. The ensemble L´arpeggiata is diverse in its use of improvisations and instruments, modern and likewise historical instruments play together and are complemented by the clarinet sounds of the old master of Italian jazz: Gianluigi Troversi. The singing of the Belgian soprano Celine Scheen and the altus Vincenzo Capezzuto can be enjoyed together with this masterpiece of music.

Improvisation, dance music and modern interpretation of historical performance is combined in an exciting concert of which our Margravial Opera House is definitely worthy.

Organizer: Kulturfreunde Bayreuth