Das markgräfliche Opernhaus - Europakonzert
TUESDAY 01.05.2018, 11.00 o´clock

European concert

Berlin Philharmonie
Conductor: Paavo Järvi

The Berlin Philharmonics European concerts possess a special radiance: Classical music enthusiasts from all over the world are able to witness the guest performance at this major European historicocultural location via broadcasting and television. This event, that has taken place since 1991, aims to celebrate the formation of the Philharmoincs in May 1882

In 2018 the Orchestra will play in the newly reopened Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth under the direction of the Estonian conductor Paavo Järvi.

Paavo Järvi has conducted the Berlin Philharmonie regularly since his debut in 2000 and lead the widely appraised gala concert “50 years German-Israeli Relations”