The UNESCO world heritage to shine forth in new splendour.
The opera house will reopen its doors in April 2018.

After five years of completion and an overall cost of more than 27.5 million Euros this absolutely unique testimonial of baroque theatre culture will be will be officially reopened: the Margravial Opera House located in the heart of Bayreuth. Due to the splendid interior of the opera house, designed by Giuseppe Galli Bibiena on behalf of Margravine Wilhelmine and its role in leading the way in the development of opera houses as detached opera theatres in the public sphere, the Margravial Opera House was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2012. Renovations will be completed in April 2018.


The windows are being renovated and the inner side of the external walls surface's temperature will be regulated. Furthermore the insulation of the ceilings are being carried out.


The original size of the baroque stage portal will be restored. The stage can be expanded by a proscenium and be used flexibly for modern as well as historical performances. The floor is being renewed and the lighting is being expanded as well and modernised.


More comfortable seats with the usual spectacularly clear view of the stage will be present in the heart of the opera house. The cloakrooms and restrooms are being newly designed.

Climate and Sound

In order to preserve the historical substance a stable room climate will be created. This shall be accomplished via a three dimensional climate simulation in the auditorium with around 16. Million virtual climate points. The new pneumatic floor will assist silently with the temperature regulation.

Interior and paintings

The restauration process will last around 70.000 hours. The original colours which are still in good condition need to be exposed and preserved. Furthermore staining will be removed and damage will be repaired.


Loose Wood constructions and splintered woods shall be glued. New wood additions are to be attached however smaller jobs such as minor reconstructions, tissue reparations as well as retouching small nail holes are part of the conservator’s tasks.



The opera house is a box theatre made completely out of wood with a painted screen. Due to its elaborate stucco and it’s carved as well as painted decorations the opera house is known to be one of a kind. The house is primarily presented as a museum piece but it still retains its function as a very much alive venue for all sorts of musical theatre performances. The acoustics of the opera house remain untouched and can be experienced in their full glory as they were 270 years ago.


Online via or via Ticketmaster.
Furthermore possibility of purchase at the Theaterkasse Bayreuth / Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth
Tel. 0921 69001 / Fax: 0921 885777 /
Opening hours: Mo to Fr 10-17 Uhr und Sa 10-14 Uhr.

Further information can be acquired at the Tourist Information Bayreuth / Opernstraße 22/ 95444 Bayreuth/ Tel. 0921 88588 / Fax: 0921 885755 / / Opening hours: Mo bis Fr 9-19 o´clock und Sa 9-16 o´clock und Sunday and bank holidays 10-14.00 o´ clock.


FRIDAY, 18.05.2017/19.30 o´clock

Siroe, King of Persia

Opera in three acts by Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)
Semi-staged performance / Libretto: Pietro Metastasio

Entry fee: 32-125 €

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